Schedule 40

Sch40 DWV
DWV PVC pipe is used for sanitary drain, waste and vent systems in commercial, residential and industrial applications.
Universal 100’s DWV pipe meets ASTM D1784 and D2665 specifications.  This pipe is available in Schedule 40.  Our DWV is available starting at 1 ¼” up to 12” diameter.
DWV pipe is available in 20 foot lengths in plain end and bell end.

Solvent Weld Schedule Pipe (Sch40)
Solvent Weld Schedule pipe is used in both pressure and drain, waste and vent applications. 
Universal 100 manufactures  Solvent Weld  PVC in Schedule 40.  Our Schedule 40 (ASTM D1785 and ASTM D2665) is available in ½” to 12” diameters in bell end and 1 ¼” to 12” diameters in plain end.   Universal 100 offers Schedule 40 bell end in purple for reclaimed water systems.


PDF Spec Sheets: