About Accord Industries and Universal 100 Products

Accord Industries is a privately held, U.S. owned and operated company that is a fully integrated manufacturer of extruded PVC pipe in both standard and customer specified sizes under the Universal 100 brand name. Throughout our history, we have prided ourselves with our world-class customer service and on-time delivery to meet the needs of our diverse and expanding market.

Our sales, service, production and support teams create a customer-centric approach that distinguishes us favorably in our industry. We manufacture Universal 100 pipe in all sizes, from 1/2" to 12" diameter offering standard products and custom extrusions. Our engineering and design staff control our extruded products from design through the manufacturing process, enabling us to respond to each customer's unique extruded pipe needs. The quality of our products is assured through stringent control procedures during production.

We follow a higher standard while building the perfect pipe, enabling our customers to grow their share of the markets they serve.

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